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Ecomotive E10X Ethanol Fuel Conditioner

Ecomotive E10X Ethanol Fuel Conditioner

E10X is an ethanol fuel stabiliser that conditions and protects against corrosion when using E10 Fuel. E10X is a fuel conditioner with stabilizers designed to be used with Ethanol based fuels. The product is completely soluble and will not cause any harm to filters. The product has been formulated with fuel conditioners and stabilizers designed to prevent rust and corrosion associated with the use of ethanol fuels.

We haven't tried this yet, but take the view that given that pump petrol is so poisonous to most motorcycles this can't make it any worse. We only use Esso Synergy in our bikes because it currently has no alcohol in it in most, but not all, places in the UK. Esso have already told us that they plan to be ruining even this bastion of healthy fuel in the near future, so this stuff has got to be worth a punt.


Save £3.84 - RRP £10.83 + VAT

Price: 6.99 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Kamasa Tape Measure

Kamasa Tape Measure

We are selling this because we reallly like it and it's on special offer. It's not particularly high end, but the way it works beats all the other tape measures we have. You pull it out and it stays at the length you have pulled it to and only goes back when you press the button. One day all tape measures will be like this?


A 5m x 19mm Tape measure with metric and imperial scales. Incorporates self lock feature, making accurate measuring quick and easy.

• Size: 5m x 19mm
• Automatic self lock, with push button retrieval
• Dual scale - Metric/Imperial
• Case manufactured from ABS and TPR for durability
• Supplied with a carry strap and belt clip

Price: 2.59 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


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