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Thread Repair

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Metric Helicoil Eco-Kit Thread Repair

Metric Helicoil® Eco-Kit Thread Repair

Helicoil® is a brand trusted all over the world in every industry, particularly the aerospace industry, where quality is way more important than cost.

The Eco-Kit, as it's name would suggest is a thread repair kit made for those with a smaller budget. The inserts, drills and taps are of the same high standard as all other Helicoil® kits, with top grade HSS taps supplied. The higher grade kit is different because it has a pre-wind insert tool, which is undeniably better, but the Eco-Kit is still made from the very highest quality materials and most manufacturing is done in Hull (Yes in Britain !) and that which isn't, takes place in Germany.

Repairing a thread with Helicoil® kits is pretty easy: Open up the damaged thread with the supplied drill bit, ensuring that you keep the drill straight, tap the hole using the supplied tap, install the insert with the insertion tool and then break the tang out with the provided tool. If the tang is not removed you will destroy the threaded hole when the bolt is put in. The bolt will drag the coil to the bottom of the hole where it will jam solid. We had a head that had been near destroyed by someone making this mistake a few months ago!

Although Helicoils® are seen as a repair, which they are, they are also an upgrade, especially in aluminium or magnesium alloy castings. When steel and stainless steel bolts are put in and removed numerous times, particularly in heads on bikes with under bucket shims, the threads in the alloy wear and ultimately strip. When a Helicoil® is fitted the thread has a high grade stainless steel bearing surface which is far more durable than the original and grips the bolts or stud far better.

Each kit comes with a drill, tap, insertion tool, tang removal tool and ten inserts. The M12 kits do not include a drill and a 12.4mm drill will be required.



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