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IAM Members Discounts

The IAM as a group have in the past had the unwelcome image as a bunch of dayglo Beemer riders doddering about, but this old stereotype couldn't be further from the truth. Today there are bikers from all walks of life who have discovered that the IAM provide a method of training that will enhance the enjoyment of riding bikes of all types whilst protecting themselves from the best efforts of seemingly psychotic car drivers on our roads, who seem hell bent on wiping out bikers as a species.

The IAM system of riding is essentially exactly the same as that used by police motorcyclists, but without the pursuit riding. Even those who have picked up speeding fines from the two wheeled 'Old Bill', will grudgingly admit that they are the finest riders on the road, and there is a reason - they ride to a system!

I personally did my IAM training and test after nearly thirty years of riding and was surprised how much I learned - it may be the difference between my surviving the rest of my riding life or not, but it has certainly increased my enjoyment. My wife came to bikes late in life and after struggling through her DSA test was a very nervous rider. Since doing her IAM course and test she is now a very confident and competent rider.

We support the efforts of the IAM and will offer a discount to all genuine IAM members. As with bike clubs the discount we offer will vary from product to product, but will typically be between 10% and 20%off our web prices. A few items, which have very small margins, will not be discounted, but these are in the minority.

Please be aware that due to higher carriage costs incurred sending out items to the Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland, we ask recipients of club discounts to understand that if their order costs significally more to send than is covered by our standard carriage charge will would ask that you will accept paying the shortfall. We do not seek to profit from carriage costs, just not make big losses.

To apply for an IAM Discount Account click here